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Strategic Consultants, Experts in Accelerating Change for Organizations and Individuals

The Purpose Coalition aligns your organization’s purpose, passion, and processes to maximize your mission. We help you run the business with excellence so that you can change the business to achieve your vision.


We have experience working in the nonprofit sector, with government entities, and with an array of collaborative models, such as collective impact. 


Capacity building is at the core of what we do every day, whether it is delivering a thoughtful organizational assessment, strategic planning in collaboration with staff and the board, leading or facilitating workshops, or supporting your fundraising goals. With deep experience in performance excellence, we can process map, conduct throughput analysis, develop outcome measures, connect resources, partners and more! 


Our team has specific capabilities to integrate the client voice (in particular, youth integration), or support interdisciplinary teams. Lean into us to expand your capacity and deliver superior results.

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Our Story

The partners who formed The Purpose Coalition found that traditional nonprofit jobs often used only a portion of the immense skillset that had been intentionally built over decades. The opportunity to use the full depth and breadth of the talents, skills, and experiences were few and far between. After volunteering for years helping organizations in their spare time, the partners had gained enough synergy to take the best kind of gamble – on themselves, and with community outcomes top of mind. 

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The Purpose Coalition was formed, and immediately the consulting firm had a strong showing of support. Nonprofits and government entities often budget for consulting support or can secure capacity building funding, as it is often about solving problems, or creating opportunities – both of which can lead to cost reductions, gained efficiencies, or revenue realization. 


The partners in The Purpose Coalition also strategically partner with other independent consultants to bring even more talent to the table, depending upon the organization’s specific needs. 

Meet The Team



Over the last couple of decades Rebecca has taken her deep business experience and excellence framework into the nonprofit sector, helping others with their journey to world-class, while strengthening the nonprofit community.

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As a nurse for over 20 years, Debbie has worked in a variety of settings throughout healthcare. Primarily concentrating in administration, Debbie’s specialties include interdisciplinary team collaboration, process improvement, throughput, leading teams, regulatory compliance, finance, and education.

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