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Case Studies

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A San Antonio based nonprofit offering healthcare services

The Purpose Coalition was contacted for a myriad of services, including an organizational assessment, and support of their strategic plan to expand their services by identifying geographic locations for consideration. 


The organizational assessment utilized several lenses, including Malcolm Baldrige Performance Excellence and Trauma Informed Care. Key themes were outlined, along with detailed information on best practices and opportunities for improvement. As a result of the organizational assessment, the nonprofit was able to fully update its Employee Handbook with multiple, relevant updates, and updated their procedural handbook to prepare for potential organizational changes. Based on a recommended realignment of staff, the organization was able to save $40,000 annually in recurring operational costs, while identifying new opportunities for funding. 


As for the support of their strategic plan, our team was able to identify geographic areas that would yield the most potential clients for a new or expanded site, along with an analysis of the healthcare services provided by other organizations to assess the most opportune locations to consider. 


All these services were delivered in 90 days, and included employee interviews, onsite reviews, and engagement with the Board of Directors.

Medical Staff

A national nonprofit with state affiliates engaged in youth development sought to establish a presence in Texas

The Purpose Coalition was brought on board to develop contacts and secure spots on the newly formed board, establish an advisory group of topic experts in the field, determine funding sources, and work in tandem with a hiring consultant to source the very first CEO of the effort. This effort takes the Purpose Coalition across the state of Texas, ensuring geographic representation in this effort.


A nonprofit sought to prepare for the City of San Antonio’s plans to certify organizations as Trauma Informed

The Purpose Coalition hosted a staff retreat to deepen staff knowledge, but also embed “caring for the caregiver” approaches as Trauma Informed practices begin with staff support and development. The Purpose Coalition engaged with leadership to deploy policies related to Trauma Informed Care, reviewed other policies through the trauma lens, and recommended updates that will allow the organization to be easily certified in the upcoming process led by San Antonio Metropolitan Health.

Comforting Hands

A local foundation is pivoting to a model of needing community funding as co-investment in a larger effort to address historic inequity

The solution? A targeted, economic development effort involving the creation of a bioscience innovation district which is generating high-wage jobs, while incubating businesses.  A plan was developed to help leadership engage with philanthropy and key influencers. Within weeks, a funnel of highly qualified leads was scheduled and are being maintained through moves management to enable the foundation to achieve its goals. In just eight weeks of engagement, over $20M in opportunities had been identified. 

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